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twist, splash


fizz, twist, splash

crafted to give

they say it takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach the earth.
oddly enough, that’s how long it took a team of 4 glassblowers to make 1 glassybaby,
before social distancing.

now, our production of color and light takes much, much longer.
your order helps to keep artisans employed,
and your patience, as we strive to produce enough of each color,
makes us very grateful.

backpack brigade backpack brigade

backpack brigade
to aid in providing food security for children, the glassybaby foundation gave $15,000 in january to help provide nutritious food to seattle children in need.give here

glassybaby foundation glassybaby foundation

$50K for racial inequity
in light of the recent protests highlighting inequities and injustices in our country, we donated $50,000 to organizations and non-profits that provide hope and healing in response to these injustices. see the list

baby grants baby grants

monthly baby grants
glassybaby baby grants are awarded every month to 3 non-profits. click below to nominate an organization, or to view last months recipients baby grants

every glassybaby gives

through the glassybaby giving arm, we have supported many
organizations throughout the years that provide hope and healing,
donating over $11,000,000 to those in need.

all glassybaby
glassybaby glassybaby

$3 from every glassybaby purchased goes to the glassybaby white light fund to promote hope and healing.

drinkers drinkers

hand-blown drinking glasses, each holds up to 12 oz. of liquid and stands around 3.25” tall

rocker rocker

hand-blown lowball drinking glasses, each holds 8 oz. of liquid and stands around 3.25” tall

local craftmanship

local craftmanship

individually hand-made by teams of glassblowers in our hot shops located in the usa

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every glassybaby gives

every glassybaby gives

each glassybaby purchased gives to the glassybaby white light fund to provide hope and healing

learn more

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