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baby grants
map of glassybaby grant recipients

want to direct a $5,000 grant to the non-profit of your choice with an illuminating story? we accept nominations throughout each month. all you need to do to nominate an organization is: submit your proposal and tag a friend in a social post.

step 1
post a picture to facebook or instagram, and nominate a deserving nonprofit. in your post, tell us (in 200 words or less) why the non-profit you’re nominating deserves a little more light. make sure to tag your post with #glassybabybabygrants

step 2
send a copy of your nomination to info@glassybabywhitelightfund.org

step 3
the glassybaby white light fund will review all nominations and select the top-three posts each month. the top three will each receive a grant from the white light fund.

1st place: $5,000
2nd place: $3,000
3rd place: $2,000

further details
proposals should be 200 words or less, and should describe:

  1. how the organization’s work furthers our giving mission,

  2. an example of the organization’s impact, and

  3. your own relationship to the organization.

  • to be considered, nominations must be submitted to info@glassybabywhitelightfund.org and get at least 3 shares and 20 likes on social media.

  • you may submit a proposal every month, provided that you follow all steps each month.

contact us at info@glassybabywhitelightfund.org