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photo of event attendees at madrona hot shop store space

tour our beautiful madrona seattle hot shop and retail store, watch our glassblowers work, and get a hands-on introduction to the art while you blow your own piece of glass art.

conveniently located in seattle’s madrona neighborhood, we offer 1,500 square feet of event space with full views of our glassblowing hot shop. our versatile and unique space can accommodate up to 100 guests and is great for engagement, cocktail or holiday parties. our large studio space and adjoining gallery room is also a great option for off-site team building events or fundraisers. some events can include hands-on glassblowing and glassblowing demonstrations.


photo of glassblower stretching a glassybaby candle holder votive to the optimal size
photo of glassblowers at madrona hot shop store space
photo of glassblower using annealing oven
photo of glassybaby candle holder votives flickering in the dark madrona hot shop store space
garage door closed as attendees look onto glass blowing floor.